March Phone Credit drive

Please contribute to desperately needed phone credit for our refugee and asylum seeker friends at Manus and Nauru. We need to do over $40,000 of top ups each month if each person waiting is to receive one.

Australia’s ‘Offshore Processing’ refugee policy has left approx. 2000 people in indefinite limbo and harsh conditions on the Pacific Islands of Manus (PNG) and Nauru, for more than 4 years now.

‘Gifts for Manus and Nauru’ is a registered charity supporting our asylum seeker and refugee friends at Manus and Nauru through trauma counselling, sending parcels of much needed items, access to medication or other medical support, and through the provision of mobile phone credit.

Mobile phone credit provides vital support for physical and mental health by allowing regular contact with family, as well as allowing access to medical, legal, media and advocacy support in Australia, access to crisis and trauma counselling, access to education and language materials, entertainment, and contact with supportive friends who offer much needed emotional support and connection when it is most needed.

Gifts for Manus and Nauru currently sends gifts of phone credit to last a month at a time to over 1400 of the people held in Australia’s Offshore Processing Blacksites at Manus and Nauru.

The waiting list for people needing credit is often long, with sometimes wait times of several weeks or more between when their month of credit runs out and when they receive their next top up.

We desperately need your help to send more top ups and reduce the time people have to wait between speaking to their family and other supports.

Phone credit costs $31-35 per person for a month…meaning we need to do over $40,000 worth of top ups each month if each person is to receive one. Any contribution you can make will be very welcome and make a big difference to the people held at Manus and Nauru and their loved ones.



Hi everyone! Thanks for the continued support for the men in the RPC.
Getting food in while authorities continue to try to block the men’s access to food, water and supplies remains a challenge, but deliveries of food and other supplies are still happening.

Thanks for donating and making this possible.

We are also now looking at trying to address two new problems.

The first is food for the men in the ELTC.

At the East Lorengau Transit Centre in the town (ELTC), the men are supposed to receive food packs and an allowance each week to live off.

However this is not happening. The men who have moved there in recent weeks are not receiving any allowance yet.

The food packs provided include one larger food pack with most of the week’s food items, and a smaller pack later in the week to top it up.

The men who have moved to the East Lorengau Transit Centre in town over the past few days have only received the smaller top up pack, which doesn’t contain the staples like rice or oil or any protein… and so even with the top up pack (milk, cereal, bread) they have not received sufficient food to last them until the next food packs are delivered this week.

The food packs, even when they receive both of them, are not enough to feed a man for a week, and they are expected to buy the rest of their food out of their allowance…except the men are not being paid an allowance yet. Men who have been in the transit centre for weeks are still waiting to be paid any of their allowance, and so are trying to get by just on these food packs.

So we are now looking into how we can get some food distributed to these men for the next few days, and how we can supplement the food packs for the men in the ELTC until their allowance starts and they can buy their own food.

The second issue is medication for the men.

In October, IHMS distributed a 28-30 day supply of the men’s medications and told them they would then have to sort out their own.

That supply of medications has now run out or will run out in coming days, leaving hundreds of men without their medication and with no way to pay for their own.

This is incredibly concerning to us and is a huge stress for the men.

So we are currently looking at ways that we can coordinate to get financial and logistical assistance for as many of the men as possible to access their medications.

Here is how you can help.

Funds for this purpose can be made into our ‘medical’ bank account (details here: )

Or donations can continue to be made to this emergency crowdfund and we will allocate some funding from this for medications as able.

Urgent call for donations for food for 600 men on Manus Island

Over 600 men are currently in the Manus detention centre with no food, water, power, sanitation or health care.

Donations for food, water and other emergency supplies for the men in the Manus detention centre can be made via here: