Mobile Phone Credit

Communication in the camps is very limited, making regular access to calls home to family and to other supports difficult.

Mobile phone credit provides vital support for physical and mental health by allowing regular contact with family, as well as allowing access to medical, legal, media and advocacy support in Australia, access to crisis and trauma counselling, access to education and language materials, entertainment, and contact with supportive friends who offer much needed emotional support and connection when it is most needed.

At the Manus Island detention centre, the landline phones were recently completely removed leaving the men detained there with no access to communication apart from via mobile phones.

Gifts for Manus and Nauru currently sends gifts of phone credit to last a month at a time to over 1400 of the people held in Australia’s Offshore Processing Blacksites at Manus and Nauru.

The waiting list for people needing credit is often long, with sometimes wait times of several weeks or more between when their month of credit runs out and when they receive their next top up. These long waits are very distressing for the people in Manus and Nauru, as regular contact with family and supports is vital.

We desperately need your help to send more top ups and reduce the time people have to wait between speaking to their family and other supports.

Phone credit costs $31-35 per person for a month…meaning we need to do over $40,000 worth of top ups each month if each person is to receive one. Any contribution you can make will be very welcome and make a big difference to the people held at Manus and Nauru and their loved ones.

Donations to go towards doing top ups from the waiting list can be made via our monthly crowdfund, by direct deposit into the ‘phone’ bank account or via paypal/credit card (please see our ‘how to donate’ page for the credit card/paypal button).

If you would like to sponsor the monthly phone credit of a particular person you know there, or if you would like to sponsor the phone credit of an especially vulnerable person, please email to set up the sponsorship.
Sponsorship costs $35 for a person at Manus or $31 for a person at Nauru.


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