Common challenges faced by people living in detention are past traumas, grief and loss, difficulties sleeping, maintaining hope for the future, and coping with the daily impacts of living in detention.

We are calling for experienced counsellors, psychotherapists, psychologists and social workers to volunteer some time on a weekly basis to provide brief therapy sessions to refugees and asylum seekers by (most typically) WhatsApp, Telegram and Facebook Messenger apps. Providing just one hour a week can make a big difference.

Therapeutic conversations provided by volunteers focus on fostering people’s resilience and reducing their level of trauma.

Participating practitioners need to have experience in working with trauma, be in regular supervision, and have professional indemnity insurance. Providing therapy for children detained on Nauru requires a current Working with Children Check or Blue Card.

❖ Counsellors and psychotherapists need to have intern, provisional, or clinical membership with a professional association (PACFA, PACFA Member Association, or ACA)
❖ Psychologists need to be registered with AHPRA
❖ Social workers need to be a member of the AASW
If you are interested in being part of Therapy4Refugees, please email:
for an application form and to be connected with the Therapy4Refugees coordinator.

If you are a person at Manus or Nauru, or you have a friend at Manus or Nauru, who would like to access trauma counselling, please contact Ali Murdoch on Facebook or Telegram or by email.

Telegram: @Ali_Murdoch