Gifts for Manus and Nauru are needing volunteers.
There are both large and small jobs needing people to do them.
If you’re interested in volunteering some time and energy to help us to help more people at Manus and Nauru, please contact Ali Murdoch on Facebook.



Qualified therapists are needed for the Therapy4Refugees trauma counselling program.
Please see the Therapy4Refugees page for more information.

Volunteer Coordinator
Gifts for Manus and Nauru needs a volunteer coordinator. You will help to write role descriptions as needed, be the contact person and communicate with people wishing to volunteer, provide volunteers with information and the required paperwork, help to find volunteers and fill volunteer roles, and generally support people volunteering for GFMAN.

Fundraising and promotion
Gifts for Manus and Nauru desperately needs to be able to raise more funds in order to better meet the needs of people at Manus and Nauru. We are currently relying almost solely on facebook, twitter and word of mouth to attract donors from our networks, but this is not even remotely close to enough. We desperately need a coordinator and a team of people to take on various roles and tasks to expand our reach and bring in more donations.

So some of the tasks needing doing include:

  • Running and expanding the monthly Chuffed crowdfunds to reach more people. This includes writing and sending out updates and thank you messages to the donor lists, arranging for media interviews about the crowdfund to be completed (eg. Chuffed do interviews and add campaigns to their featured campaigns site), bringing in additional ‘team members’ to the campaigns, and otherwise promoting the crowdfunds.
  • Running our various social media sites, and writing regular content for posts and website updates
  • Coordinating Gifts for Manus and Nauru’s presence on charity pages, shopping donation sites etc
  • Media – approaching media organisations and arranging interviews/publicity, doing or arranging for interviews when we are asked to do them.
  • Applying for philanthropic or business donations
  • Liaising with other Refugee Support organisations or groups so that they can help to spread the word about what we’re doing and how people can best assist the people at Manus and Nauru.
  • Liaising with individuals/groups who wish to put on fundraising events or actions and coordinating for the event/action to meet our legal requirements for fundraising events.

Website and IT
People with experience in website development, setting up payment methods on websites, creating databases etc.

Medical Assistance Coordinator and team members
Gifts for Manus and Nauru assists refugees with access to medical appointments, tests, surgeries, dental care and medication.
We need someone to coordinate and run this program, and a team of volunteers to help with this.
We need people who are available during business hours (PNG time) and can make phone calls to hospitals, clinics, dentists, pharmacies etc. to arrange for treatments/tests or orders of pharmacy items.
Ideally we will have a small team of people who volunteer for this, as we need to have people available to do these jobs on short notice. So we are needing to have at least several people so that between them, we have people who are available during business hours each day.
Phone calls can be reimbursed.

Mobile phone coordinator.
It will be your job to:
– accept/source donations of mobile phones
– take requests or referrals from people at Manus and Nauru needing a mobile phone
– arrange transport/postage to recipients of donated phones
– may need to be able to make calls to mobile phone retailers in PNG and Nauru to arrange purchase of phones if we have a donation for that.
Phone calls can be reimbursed.

Material aid project coordinator and volunteers.
GFMAN provides material aid to people in PNG and Nauru in a variety of ways including arranging clothing and food vouchers, sending parcels, and arranging direct payment for various needs, for individuals or for communal needs for groups/camps.
Various jobs needing doing, and we are needing a small team so that someone in the team is available as needed.
We particularly need people who are available during business hours (PNG and Nauru business hours) to make calls to suppliers/retailers in PNG and Nauru, make calls to PNG customs etc.
Phone calls can be reimbursed.

Phone Credit Sponsor Liaison.
The GFMAN phone credit program includes a system where people can sponsor the monthly phone credit of a person at Manus and Nauru.
It will be your job to communicate with current and prospective phone credit sponsors, communicate with the phone credit coordinator when there are changes or updates to sponsorships, check that payments are up to date and send out reminders when payments are late, etc.

People with experience in governance of Charities or NFPs. Experience with Policies and Procedures.
We are interested in hearing form people with experience in governance to help us better develop our policies and procedures and operations.

There are also other tasks needing doing. These are the most urgent ones we need help with right now, but if you are interested in doing something different please send me a message to work out how you can best help out.