There are various ways to contribute to parcels for those on Manus and Nauru.

You can ask for details of a person that you can buy for yourself, which involves buying various needed items depending on the person’s needs, and arranging postage to him/her. (it’s a considerable cost though).

If you cannot afford a whole parcel you can also buy needed items and have them delivered to us to be included in parcels we send.

You can also contribute financially by donating money towards the parcels our group are putting together for people or groups (bank details on the ‘How to Donate’ page). There are always at least several parcels (usually more) on the go needing donations to complete and get sent…and a long list of people waiting for parcels.

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Phone Credit

Contributing to phone credit for people at Manus and Nauru is another way of helping. This is an ongoing and urgent need.

Please let us know if you would like to help in this way.

If you would like to do a top up directly to a person at Manus or Nauru we can send you the phone number at the top of the waiting list that is needing topping up, and the instructions of how to do the top up.

One month of phone credit is $35 for Manus numbers and $30 for Nauru numbers.

Donations for phone credit, of any amount, can also be made into the ‘Phone Credit’ bank account or via Paypal/credit card (details on the ‘How to donate’ page), and we then use the donations to complete the top ups.

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